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Camper’s New Shoe Store Visualizes The Act Of Walking

The first and only store in Israel to focus completely on contact lenses. And a gigantic, dimensional eye chart wall. I hope they don’t use that one for actual testing. Adashot, Tel Aviv, by Miss Lee Design

(Source: retaildesignblog.net)

I love shipping containers, but I don’t love greenwashing. Interesting piece on a recent Starbucks build here.

I NEED a pair of these jeans. 3X1 has made the world’s first denim atelier, which combines the manufacturing process with the retail setting. It makes for a super cool duality between shop space and gallery space. 

(Source: yatzer.com)

I’ve been working on display-oriented projects lately, and came across Zoe Bradley. Her work with “luxury paper design” and high end fashion displays is quite beautiful. 

A HUGE tip of the hat to some of my fellow designers at FITCH for completing the new Fixtures Living store. I was in house while they were working on this, and it seems as though the countless hours and late nights payed off. Bravo.

Some ideas never get old. Like that child-hood one of turning your house upside down (or was that just me?). Leave it to retail to bring it on back. ALTER store in Shanghai. Do the clothes float too? Cause assuming they are as expensive as they’d have to be to sell enough for the space, they’d better.