Harvest. #growyourown #turnips #organic #vegetables #garden

Hello lovely. Welcome home. #oldcar #65falcon #dontmakeemliketheyusedto

Homegrown bok choy for dinner. That’s what’s up.
#growyourown #sogood

Time to finish this piece. Hope the Brewery District doesn’t mind overly dramatic outdoor lighting #driftindustry #companysign #bankstreet

4 layers of varying stain, a few more and some sanding down should do it. Gonna look nice #headboard #buildshit #driftindustry #bankstreet

Division Bell and some creative shop time can be all it takes to make the left brain shut up for a while. This will be part of my headboard. The center piece is from the old Capital City Elevator factory. Want one for yourself? Too bad. It’s one of a kind. #repurposed #bankstreet #driftindustry


Tatiana Blass - Blinding light - Seated

As the heat of the reflected light melts the wax, it gradually uncovers the figure’s spinal column cast in bronze. 

Months ago I promised posts of my current design project and it’s progress, but after what has seemed like an eternity of battles with city zoning, a loss of about 60 phone photos of projects in process, and countless hours of mistakes and re-do’s, I’ve failed to make that happen. But in an attempt to get back on the blogging track, here’s what I’ve been up to. And yes, the plane propeller ceiling fan is still to come. My house. My blank slate. My work shop. It’s starting to take shape.


Harm Less

by Sonia Rentsch

So my blog is going to be taking a bit of a different route over the next…ohh I dunno….2 years. Because I am going to be consumed with a current project I’m working on: my house. About a year ago I bought a building - a small warehouse of sorts - and decided to turn it into a live/work studio. And here I am, a year later, still in the construction process. The video shown here is the original vision I modeled for the space, and the photos show where I am in the process right now as far as the exterior and interior walls / HVAC / electrical / plumbing. As for finishing the space, furniture, etc….I’ll be doing most of the work myself. I have no idea how long it will take me, but the goal for me is to not purchase anything new. I’ll be finding used items or building all of the interior components myself. Posts coming in the following months will cover everything from custom wooden bathtubs to WWII plan propeller ceiling fans to exterior pulley systems.